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Close Guidance Through Simulations And Consultations

Read and Laniado, LLP, has worked closely with the General Electric Multi-Area Production Simulation Model, PROMOD, and other simulation analyses of the New York bulk electric system in individual power plant and transmission line siting cases under Section 94-c; SEQRA; Articles VII, X, and 10, and Section 68 of the Public Service Law; as well as PSC planning cases such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard proceeding.

During the implementation of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (“PURPA”), the firm worked with many models, in the determination of electric production avoided costs.

The firm has worked with the consultants preparing the inputs to the models, including key assumptions about generation and transmission resources. On behalf of clients, the firm has sponsored witnesses on the models’ results and cross-examined witnesses extensively on model simulation results.

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