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Versatile Counsel For Clean Energy Standard Considerations

In addition to Read and Laniado, LLP‘s extensive record of successful Section 68, 69 and 70 Petitions, the firm counsels a range of industry clients through a wide variety of matters concerning New York’s Clean Energy Standard.

Electric Vehicles

Read and Laniado, LLP, has represented clients in administrative proceedings concerning the deployment of electric vehicles (“EV”) in New York state. The firm has represented clients on a wide range of subject areas, including removing barriers to the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty transit fleets, development of managed charging programs and EV charging rate designs, and deployment of EV charging infrastructure.


Read and Laniado, LLP, has negotiated pole attachment agreements with utilities on behalf of telecommunications operators. The firm has also assisted telecommunications operators with Public Service Commission requirements.

Consumer Complaints

Read and Laniado, LLP, has assisted real estate developers and small utilities in the complaint resolution process before the Department of Public Service Office of Consumer Services.

Proposed Legislation

Read and Laniado, LLP, regularly analyzes and comments upon proposed legislation that affects the electric industry. The firm has analyzed bills proposing revisions to the regulation of the competitive wholesale electric markets, fees, taxes, and other legislative initiatives that impact the energy industry. The firm was deeply involved in the negotiation of Article 10, the one-stop generation siting law in New York state, and its predecessor, Article X and the implementing regulations.

The firm also advised clients during the promulgation of the Section 94-c regulations.

Seek Guidance From The Heart Of New York’s Regulatory Landscape

Located in New York’s capital, Read and Laniado, LLP, is well-positioned to stay ahead of developments in clean energy regulations – and has been doing so for over four decades. To arrange a consultation with the Albany office of Read and Laniado, LLP, call 518-465-9313, or contact the firm online.