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Ensuring Regulatory Compliance With Proactive Counsel

Read and Laniado, LLP, provides regulatory compliance services to many clients. The firm prepares and files annual reports for lightly regulated entities. Konstantin Podolny works with load-serving entities in their compliance with New York’s Clean Energy Standard.

The firm also has extensive experience with New York’s Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), having successfully protected sensitive client information in numerous regulatory proceedings from public disclosure under FOIL. The firm also supports governmental entities that receive and respond to FOIL requests.

In addition, the firm has worked with renewable energy developers to support compliance with New York’s minority- and women-owned business enterprise (“MWBE”) contracting requirements. In 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo set the highest MWBE contracting goals in the nation at 30%. In 2018, MWBE was re-authorized after New York State reached 28.6% utilization. Clients seeking contracts with any government entity must be keenly aware of these legal and regulatory requirements, and the firm can provide the guidance necessary for compliance.

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